March 1, 2024
Jessica Ditzel

Jessica Ditzel: Know about her

Jessica Ditzel is a former American model. She is now known as Jessica Rogan. She is the wife of the American comedian, actor, and podcast host, Joe Rogan.

About Jessica Ditzel

Jessica Ditzel born on 18th of July in 1975 in Texas region, US. Cancer is her zodiac sign. She goes to some local school. But after that, she start going to California State University which is in Long Beach, California. Jessica completed her college and received a bachelor’s degree. After completing university she wanted to work immediately. So, she starts working in many bars as a cocktail waitress.

She currently works in Robert Half Technology as an  Account Executive. Jessica also worked there as a model when she just started her career.

Physical Appearance

Jessica Ditzel worked as a model in the past so she does to the gym to keep herself fit. She has the perfect height required for modeling almost 5’10”. Her eyes color was brown which was very attractive. Her hair color was blonde.


Jessica was born into a good family. Her father was a musician in a band named Ditch Pickles. His name is Jeff Conrad Ditzel. Ditzel’s mother was a simple housewife. Her name is Donna Ziemer Ditzel. She has one sibling which is elder than her. Her sister’s name is Trinity.

Her marriage and relationships

Jessica Ditzel was popular while her modeling career. She started dating a member of R&B group H-Town band named Keven Conner. Keven was famously known as Dino. So many people called him Keven Dino Conner. They both start their relationship in 1990. In 1996 couple welcomed their daughter. Their daughter’s name is Kayja Rose. However, they both parted ways due to some reasons in 2000. One day in 2003 Keven and his that time girlfriend Teshya Rae Weisent traveled by car. But they were hit by something. And due to this accident Keven suffer from severe injuries and later died due to that accident.

Jessica Ditzel

One day in California, Joe Rogan met with Jessica. She working as a cocktail waitress at that bar. Joe fell in love with her and start going daily to the bar to meet her. He becomes a frequent customer of the bar. After some time they both started dating. Later in 2009 they both mary. Now the couple have two daughters.


After completing college Jessica Ditzel struggled for work. So in the start, Jessica worked in some bars across California as a cocktail waitress. She also worked as a model. Jessica was signed by a Korean band. The name of that Korean band was Wholesome. She was modeling for the M Model Management company. They handled all her modeling stuff. Later she works in a car rental company as a management assistant. The name of that car rental company was Rent A Car. After that, she start work at Robert Half Technology situated in California as an account executive.

Interesting things related to her

1 – Her first daughter, Kayja Rose choose her career as a singer. She starts the training for that. In 2017 her daughter released her first album. The name of that album was Tipsy.

2 – Jessica Ditzel prefers to keep herself a very low key life. She appears in public places very less.

3 – Many people in this world confuse and assume her Jessica Schimmel. Schimmel is a very famous TV presenter. Because she keep herself low profile so many news agencies added wrong names. Due to them both sharing the same first name.

4 – When Jessica broke her relationship with Keven, he start dating Teshya Rae Weisent. In the year 2003 both Keven and Teshya were traveling by their car. Then suddenly a high-speed SUV jumped a red light and hit their car. The impact was so brutal that both of them were thrown out of the vehicle. Teshya died on the spot in the accident. Keven was hospitalized but he was also very serious later he also died due to an accident. It was also rumor that Teshya was pregnant at that time.

5 – In an interview recently Jessica told that she wanted to become writer. She handling much stuff for her husband Joe behind the scene.

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